May 21, 2021
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Mafi Sorry Shayari – Forgave Your Broken Promises

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A Teacher Asked: What is Forgiveness?
A Little Girl Gave This Lovly Reply:
It’s The Wonderful Smell That a Flower
Gives When It Is Being Crushed My Life.

It Takes a Strong Person
To Say Sorry.
And An Ever Stronger
Person To Forgive.

I Dont Forgive People Cause I m Weak
I Forgive Them Cause I m Strong Enough
To Understand People Make Mistakes.

Sometimes… You Forgive People
Simply Because…
You Still Want Them in Your Life.

When It is Not Given in the Right Time
When It is Not Asked in the Right Time,
You will Miss Something Precious in Your Life.

We Love Ourself Even After Making So Many Mistakes.
Then How Can We Hate Others For Their Small Mistakes?
Strange But True…! So Make Habit of Forgiving.

I’ve Committed a Sign To Make You Sad,
And Am Realizing That Am Very Bad,
So, Plz Forgive Me To Lessen The Grief,
Ur Forgiveness Will Led To a Relief.


I Know How Angry You Are &
What You Must Be Going Through
So I Hope, You Know How Sorry I Am For All
That Happens Between Us.
Please Forgive Me…

I Forgave Your Broken Promises,
I Forgave You From The Start.
But One Thing I Won’t Forgive,
Is Your Breaking Of My Heart.

Sometimes the Measure Of Friendship
Isn’t Ur Ability To Not Harm But
Ur Capacity To Forgive Things Done To U
& Ask Forgiveness For Ur Own Mistakes.

I’m Sorry May Not Mean That Much To You,
But It Means A Lifetime Of Our Relationship To Me.
Please Forgive Me.

What’s Done is Done
Make Room for the New
Forgive and Forget…
What Has Been Done to You.

Be The First One To Say Sorry
When The Other Person Seems
To Be Hurt Bcoz Of U
and Be The First One To Forgive
If a Person Says Sorry To You!

Refusing To Forgive Someone
Is Like Drinking Poison
And Waiting For
The Other Person To Die.

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